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My Kingdom for the Princess 2 game

My Kingdom for the Princess 2

The beauty princess from Kingdom for the Princess is in a trouble again! But this time it's up to her prince Arthur to pass the way of danger to the freedom and happiness! He is the brave and is not afraid of enemies but can not go without you! Join Arthur in this adventurous journey and free princess! Hours of fun and entertainment are guaranteed. Download now Kingdom for the Princess II and become a hero of Kingdom!




We have been passionately waiting for the sequel of the lovely game My Kingdom for the Princes from Nevosoft. Well, it was released just some days ago. What? Haven’t you played it yet? Then you certainly should, because there are only few games of such high quality as My Kingdom for the Princess II is.  .. Read more

New adventures wait for our old friends! This time around Arthur has to find his lost beloved,  rescue the king from imprisonment and build new castle on the island. 

After the passing the first level it seems that the second level differs from the first only by its plot.  So you should play next to understand that there are actually many new feature which make this issue totally unique in comparison with its previous title. First, you have at your disposal not only builders but also a hunter, a snake catcher, a soldier and a monk, each of them will work very hard, of course when you will provide them with merited payment. Second, the new trophy system is developed,  what we really missed in the previous title of this awesome game. Furthermore, the mini games became more interesting and captivating. Now they are not those mediocre tasks like “collect gold or wood” but they ask the gamer to perform real arcade adventures ― to drive a submarine, to fly on the back of an orange cat and many other. What is more important the game became definitely harder. You have to think over the game strategy in each level and plan your every step. 

Perfect graphic, lovely sound and funny comics… Well, the game has only advantages and no bugs! A perfect game perfectly executed. A game for everyone!!