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Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

New Hidden Object Adventure full of secrets and surprises wait for you in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma! After a terrible accident you have to go through the coma. Meanwhile your mind explores the old memories, like you see your mother and other people from your past. You have to uncover all the mysteries and find out what happened that time and changed your family. Explore your old life, communicate with spirits and more. Solve multiple challenging puzzles and play mini-games before you reveal the main secret. Download Mysteries of the Mind: Coma, take this challenge and save the day! Best of luck!

Title - Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Embark on Mysteries of the Mind: Coma Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game originated by Vendel Games. Join main character as she goes to her past while being in coma.
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The mystery of our life and the life after death brings many questions, most of them unanswerable. Many of us would like to go to the other side and then return with the answers, but unfortunately, not many get the second chance. The game called Mysteries of the Mind: Coma is coming to all hardcore Hidden Object games lovers from the developing team called Vendel Games, and this game thinks that everybody deserves the second chance to escape the clutch of death. If you are ready to embark on a journey that decides the question of life and death, than try this game out and see if you like it!.. Read more

What every game tries to achieve is to create an original storyline and this is where Mysteries of the Mind: Coma succeeded. The plot is very original, although the whole theme with changing and redoing the past is already done. The story goes like this: You have been in an accident and you are in coma, battling for your life. While you are in coma, you get a vision in which you are told that you need to revisit your past, go beyond you children trauma, make amends and right the wrongs, to save your life. You cannot even suspect that this journey will lead you to self-forgiveness and to correcting your relationship with your late estranged mother. This is one interesting and original storyline that is able to touch every player, for some even to provoke a tear or two.

Another feature we will be talking about is the gameplay in Mysteries of the Mind: Coma. This game has much to offer when it comes to its gameplay, but unfortunately, the Hidden Object scenes and the puzzles and mini games are just not that difficult and they are easily finished.  Hidden Object scenes are pretty standard, not much new things there. They are based on textual lists of all the objects you have to find, and you can do it in any order you want. As for the mini games and puzzles, there are a lot of them, most of them are usual jigsaws and sliding puzzles you can see in every Hidden Object game, but all of them are really fun and they implement adventurous elements into this game. Hidden Object scenes are not very repetitive, but there will be some slight back-tracking, and unfortunately, there is no map to help you if you get stuck. But, fortunately for you, the hints in the hint system also works as a transporter and it will quickly and precisely take you to the wanted scene, which is great!

In addition to everything, Mysteries of the Mind: Coma is a game beautifully ornamented by its graphics, music and sound effects. The graphics are really stunning, the scenes are enchanting and you can stare at them for hours, the cut-scenes are good, but they could be a bit more epic and effective, although they are not bad the way they already are. The Hidden Object scenes often are full of objects, but not once are they just some junk piles, objects are easy to spot and nicely designed and drawn. The music is very well done, on moments it is very dark and ominous, and it really builds up the atmosphere. Sound effects are also very good.

To sum up, Mysteries of the Mind: Coma is a nicely done Hidden Object game, coming from Vendel Games, and it’s improved by great graphics and spooky music, very nice and original storyline and solid gameplay. You can choose whether to play the free trial version or full version you have to purchase, but either way you will have a lot of fun!

16, November 2012


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