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Mysteries of Undead: The Cursed Island game

Mysteries of Undead: The Cursed Island

Genre: Hidden Object

Embark on the new thrilling Hidden Object game Mysteries of Undead: The Cursed Island. You are the virologist and you are invited to the island where the unknown epidemic is being spread. Because of this epidemic the local people turn into zombies. This happened because one of the tourists accidently relieved the evil spirit from the totem. You objective is to collect the totem’s pieces and don’t let the survived people turn into zombies. Download the creepy Hidden Object game Mysteries of Undead: The Cursed Island right now and absolutely for free!




Zombie movies has gone through many ups and downs. After a stunning success in the 1980s, it is almost sunk into oblivion until the beginning of the next century. Unlike the unpredictable movie trends, zombies are always in a popular demand among gamers. Game world uses the undead people in many genres. Even the casual games cannot resist making a zombie themed game. Today we are going to discuss the 8 Floor Games release named Mysteries of the Undead: The Cursed Island. Arm yourself with something huge and deadly and take part in making the walking dead motionless forever... Read more

The very first thing we would like to begin with is a notice. We do not want you to be misled.  Mysteries of the Undead: The Cursed Island is not an action game, it is just a Hidden Object with the elements of Adventure and a little drop of Puzzles. So, you should be prepared for gradual progress of the game. Let us switch over the plot. It suits the canons of a zombie universe in a perfect way. Formerly, the isolated island have had a reputation of the tourists’ paradise. One day it becomes ruined. The population of the island has found themselves turned into the zombies. The officials are lost in conjectures, so, they decide to summon up the professionals. The squad is teamed up by several people, including science consultants, soldier and a captain. You are playing a role of Eve – a young lady who somehow finds herself among the other members of this team. Your task is to shed a light upon the reasons of epidemic, control and stop it within the limits of the possible. Unfortunately, your team has suffered a shipwreck. You will find yourself alone after awakening on the shore. Compass is the only device that is left for you; your radio is broken, everything else is missing after the wrecking. Your adventure starts right in the place, where the needle of a compass points. The several areas are given for searching. The inventory requires you to look for the certain items only. These items can interact with various objects. There is nothing special: unlocked doors give you a permission to proceed to the next location, disconnected parts start some kind of mechanism right after reassembling, etc. The unattended areas are marked in your map. This map allows you to jump between incomplete areas and it is always at your hand. You will also face with some Puzzles and mini-games along the way. They will not give you a real challenge. Most of them are based on the simple principles, such as remembering a certain sequence of something or making a few moves to unbar some locked parts and so on. You do not need to be genius to cope with them. So, we can predict the skip button will be restless pushed during solving of these uncomplicated riddles.

Unfortunately, it turns out that graphic presentation is weak. Though, the Hidden Object scenes are well detailed, other locations appear to be ill-developed. The movements of characters are wooden and inexpressive. The choice of a background music is unsuitable. We suppose even the most patient gamer in the world cannot stand a never ending loop of several plain melodies. Thus, visual aspect and sound effects can hardly get a mediocre grade.

In summary, we have a moderate Hidden Object title that has a minimal replay value. There are games that you will delete right after the few seconds of a gameplay. Unfortunately, Mysteries of the Undead: The Cursed Island is the one of that kind according to all points. It is sad, but true.