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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Collector's Edition game

Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Long time ago in a magical kingdom one wicked witch has imposed the spell on a handsome prince, turning him into hideous monster. And since then, he will be dying slowly until a kind and beautiful girl sees the beauty in him, loves and saves him from that curse. Many obstacles will stand in the way of the characters, and you are the only one who could help them! In the new game Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast you have to fight for the good and the justice and make the world be ruled by love and beauty!

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Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast is mirthful computer game presented by Big Fish Games. Nicely drawn pictures, tuneful sound effects and electrical accommodative configuration suite PC gamers of all skill levels: from rookie to veteran. Everybody will be able to get into the jolly dimension of breathtaking relaxation of this game. It is a No. 1 example of how perfect things in Hidden object Adventure Puzzle genre are being brought to life and taken to the point when they eventually make up extraordinary and bigger part of Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast game than other parts... Read more

In one word: Gorgeous! We really did like this game. The Hidden object scenes were very appropriate to the setting - playroom, blacksmith shop, etc. They were not “junkpile” but some items were a bit hard to see, not really tiny just “hidden” as they should be in a game of this genre. The mini games were mostly not too hard although a couple were tough to do, but you might stuck in them!  The journal and map along with a few hints were perfectly adequate. You can’t click on the map and be transported to where you need to go - you have to walk around but there are indicators of where you are, where you need to go, etc!

Warning! If you don’t like spiders, stay away from this game. It is loaded with them, including a rather gruesome battle where you have to shoot them as they attack, then fight them with a sword. Also there is a shocking purple splash for a click penalty that is like having a bucket of paint thrown at you.

Despite that we absolutely loved the game, It took nearly 5 hours including Bonus chapter. The final battle with the Witch is a bit tedious, but you can safely wait for the SE and not miss much. The SG leaves a lot to be desired. One minute it’s not telling you what you need. The next, it’s laying it out step by step in way too much detail. Also you can’t page back if you forget the instructions. The voiceovers are great. The music is appropriately dramatic. The graphics, puzzles, story progression, etc. are all high quality. Put it on your list!