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Mystery of the Earl game

Mystery of the Earl

Genre: Hidden Object

The greatest wedding of one glorious kingdom is disturbed as Lillian's fiancé has been kidnapped by a sinister witch. In Mystery of the Earl poor Christian is put an ominous spell that he can do nothing with it. But Lillian sets off to a very dangerous travel to save her love and liberate him and his whole estate from sleeping spell. Download Mystery of the Earl absolutely for free now to enjoy its beautiful scenes and wonderful background! Have fun!

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Start playing Mystery of the Earl, a new hidden object game by AeroHills, we come to a sad conclusion that the time of macho went by. Feminism successfully infiltrates throughout literature, cinema and even casual game market. Now we deals with a reversed fairy plot: one beauty princess save her fiancé from evil witch... Read more

You begin your travel as brave Lillian who should liberate her boy-friend and his estate from sleeping spell. If you do not care for storyline very much, just skip it. Mystery of the Earl itself is not so difficult as far as the complication of the gameplay. While the artwork is pretty good some of the items are too hard to see. All objects are there, mostly in plain sight, but so strategically embedded into background, we missed them every time.  Especially the diamonds are hard to figure out. Each scene has got 10 of them, but they have no practical use in the game. Why should we   hunt for them all and spoil our eyesight?!

Surely, there is a hint button which recharges rather quickly, but it is not great fun to sit around from scene to scene waiting for the hint button to refresh. Mystery of the Earl has no punishment for slow wrong clicking but fast wrong clicking makes your screen roll for a couple of seconds. If it were a game with clear backgrounds, we would have no grounds to complain but the case of Mystery of the Earl really puts us out of temper. The second point that makes us tired is the heroin herself. Her romantic image does not harmonize with her manly task to rescue her towser. Doesn’t it look cheesy a little bit?