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Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale

Genre: Hidden Object

Join young girl Caroline in her dangerous adventure to Transylvania and help her find her missing father in new incredible Hidden Object game Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale! After Caroline's father's mysterious disappearance she goes to the journey and discovers the ancient ruin and the prison of an old vampire and wakes up the wakes up a raged vampire! Help her overcome all obstacles and solve all challenging puzzles before she can reunite with her beloved relative. Explore gorgeous scenes, uncover the mysteries and save the day in Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale! Good luck!

Title - Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Try Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale, a Hidden Object game designed by Nordic Games. Can you help young girl defeat the vampire and find your father?
Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale game
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Today casual game market of Hidden Object titles has been filled up with another adventure game devoted to solving different mysteries and clever puzzles. Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale by Nordic Games involves you into an exciting story about a vampire clan war and has you disclosing a strange disappearance of the main heroine’s father... Read more

To start with, the plot is actually interesting, narrated in a fine way. Unfortunately, it is stuck in absolutely plain gameplay. It includes nothing extraordinary but the times Hidden Object puzzle gameplay with tiny objects and incredibly easy mini-games. And what about adventure? Nothing of the kind. Your work is rather limited and after several scenes goes even monotonously.

So, the overall gameplay can be reviewed like this: do 3 hidden object puzzles, play a mini-game; do 3 hidden object games, play a mini-game and etc. Fortunately, there is a hint button, but it takes too many minutes for its restoring. However, Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale has a well-thought system of penalizing. If you make too may random clicks, get ready to be penalized. If you run out of time, you won’t let play a mini-game. Honestly, you won’t regret much to miss these ordinary mini-puzzles.

Nevertheless, Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale has very good voice-overs that add much on game atmosphere. The developers provide the characters with the different accents, so this trick make the narration much more vivid. The artwork is sometimes a bit blurry, but still fine.

All in all, Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale is an average game that might delight the fans of straight Hidden Object titles. Well, you have nothing better to play and need to kill a few hours, you may give it a try.

11, April 2012


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