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Mystery Stories: Island of Hope game

Mystery Stories: Island of Hope

Genre: Hidden Object

Michelle Deanfield, a famous New York journalist, decided to spend her vocation on a Caribbean Island: gold dust, deep blue waters and the history of an ancient tribe Maya. And not only that. Maybe she will meet somebody new? who knows ... But suddenly begin to happen strange events: disappearance of museum director and jewelry of Mayan tribe. Now there is nothing else to do but find the cause of all these accidents. Help Michelle puzzle out all intrigues and open the truth.




Exotic landscapes are presented by Cerasus Media company in the cool hidden object game The Mystery Stories: Island of Hope. As a journalist Michelle, you spends your vacation on the island, but your trip will become a captivating adventure in search of. the Mayan artifact... Read more

Different types of the gameplay such as finding objects by a word, by a silhouette, by the sound like the frog or an owl to finding more than one of the same objects or using flashlight in a dark room to identify the wanted item is what is well done in this game. We like that the gameplay varies per scene which keeps things interesting. Occasional mini-games, like piecing together a torn document, playing a memory game, and others can be skipped.

There are three modes of the game: normal, relaxed and puzzle. You have a lot of time and no need to rush looking for the objects in relax mode. In the puzzle mode every location is unlocked and it represents a puzzle you have to solve by finding thirty items. In general there are twenty locations which you keep on visiting.

The art is great: colorful backgrounds, lots of well-polished locations. The music is cool too, especially in the sound-based scenes. As for shortcoming, the items repeat very frequently, and some of the clicks are not registered from the first time. To sum it up, we can say it’s rather bright and addictive game to enjoy.