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Mystic Diary: Missing Pages game

Mystic Diary: Missing Pages

Genre: Hidden Object

Embark on a dangerous, but very exciting adventure in a new fantastic Hidden Object game Mystic Diary: Missing Pages! Explore a Victorian Era castle, find a Mystic Diary and make sure the evil doesn't get it first and creates a device to get an eternal life. Find your trapped brother and don't let him become immortal and destroy the world. Download Mystic Diary: Missing Pages absolutely for free, follow the clues, solve the puzzles and save the world. Best of luck!

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for Windows

This game is also available for : iPad

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Mystic Diary: Missing Pages. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!





Mystic Diary: Missing Pages from Sun Ray Games is a new Hidden Object title that we was looking forward to playing for a long time, but were ready to gave up after 20 minutes. Let’s see why we were so disappointed... Read more

At first sight Mystic Diary: Missing Pages looks rather promising: intriguing plot, attractive screenshots and strategy guide. Later all these advantages fade away, while the disadvantages are coming to the foreground.

Starting with the story, it is your job to track down your brother Gustav, who is creating havoc with the mystic diary of the title’s name. Your brother is not bad but the game itself doesn’t stir you enough. There is nothing to push or excite you. Moreover, the title isn’t exactly challenging because it hold you every inch of the way. Who will like to be commented all the time?

The gameplay is quite lame with lots of boring instructions: click here, go there, add this and so on. Along the way there are several hidden object scenes and puzzles. Fortunately, hidden object scenes aren’t utter junkpiles and the objects are always cleverly hidden. These hidden object scenes are nicely done with a bit of interaction. The puzzles are intriguing without being overly difficult. Nevertheless, there is no excitement in the gameplay. Would you like to waste your time for a mediocre game like this?

If you are mad on the look of adventure games like Nancy Drew, then you will like the artwork of Mystic Diary: Missing Pages. They look like the old-fashioned 3-D graphics which can be appreciated by very few fans.

All in all, Mystic Diary: Missing Pages might appeal to a limited company. Surely, this is not the worst game ever but nowhere near the quality we’ve come to expect. If we could have lost these annoying sparkles and non stop guidance it might have been a bit better.