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Mystic Gallery

Genre: Hidden Object

Welcome to the new hidden object game Mystic Gallery! You will have the interesting mission; you should renew the masterpieces of the most famous paintings of the world! Use the Wheel of Skill and complete all interesting minigames! You may download free new exciting game Mystic Gallery and save the art gallery! Bring back to life the invaluable masterpieces and try to get the diploma in the famous art school! Have a good time!

Title - Mystic Gallery Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get delighted with Mystic Gallery, a Hidden Object game launched by Namco Networks. Bring back to life the invaluable masterpieces and try to get the diploma in the famous art school!
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Do you see this new hidden object game and have already rolled up your sleeves to get down to work? Don’t hurry! Mystic Gallery by Namco can hardly ever surprise or at least please you a little. Though the game tries to plunge you into the majestic world of art, Mystic Gallery’s fuzzy graphics stultify all efforts to reach this goal.  .. Read more

So, the actual gameplay in Mystic Gallery involves you restoring different pictures of famous painters as you work towards success. Actually, the gameplay is pretty standard for a hidden object game. Each scene begins with a shop list of objects to find; from time to time you have to play mini-games. At first glance there is nothing special at all, but as you progress you will be shocked by such a slipshod work.

The hidden items are so clear that you feel as if you are exploring the screen of the rubbish that a child has thrown on it. Well, most of objects are obvious but for those that hidden in a blurry part of the scene. Surely, there is a hint system, but get ready to be time panelized every time for using hints.  Since Mystic Gallery has very little challenge, the developers decide to punish the wrong clicks. The mini-games are easy enough but frankly speaking you will find them a ray of sunshine from these absolutely awful sceneries. To our mind the developers make no efforts to create something interesting; moreover, it seems they would like to try our patience. Are we hard to please? Nothing of the kind, we just hate cheesy premises. 

21, April 2010


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