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Nanny 911

Genre: Time Management

The Nanny 911 game is based on the popular television show. It is a time management game where you have to use all your experience to help troubled families clean up their lives and improve parenting style. Your goal is not to take care about the kids, but to make sure that their parents are doing everything in time. Your expert skills in dealing with undisciplined parents and playful kids is required in the Nanny 911 game right now!

Title - Nanny 911 Game Download for PC Description - Uncover Nanny 911, a Time Management game developed by Merscom LLC. Your expert skills are required in the Nanny 911 game right now!
Nanny 911 game



Nanny 911 is a time management game which was inspired by a popular TV show of the same name. The game was produced by Overplay gaming company. Your goal in this game is to take care about a family: to clean, prepare meals, change diapers, put kids down for naps, stop the fights and so on and so forth till everything is perfect... Read more

Unlike in other games about nursing and babysitting, here you also have to guide the parents. Mom and Dad have tasks they need to do to finish the level. They do it all even cleaning up, disciplining the kids, setting the table, cook dinner, playing with the dog, joining the family for fun and games and breaking their own bad habits.

There are three different nannies in the game and five troubled families to work with. Each nanny represents a level of difficulty. Nanny Claudia assigns the fewest tasks for the easy level followed by Nanny Matilda at medium and Betty for the hardest level. You can change the difficulty only after you finish all levels with certain family, for example, you can choose to start easy with the first one, move up to hard with the second.

The game has offers us decent production values, like detailed graphics, nice music and addictive gameplay which by the way features rather good length. We can’t recommend this game for parents with their own children, cause this is a real time management hell. However the fans of the genre would probably find Nanny 911entertaining enough.



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