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Nearwood Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Explore the stunning magical world in the new Hidden object game Nearwood. The magical world is full of tropical flowers and exotic animals but danger lurks everywhere. Head for this unforgettable journey along with young girl Jane Lockwood. Help her to find her parents lost in this dazzling world many years ago. Join in Jane in her efforts to save the ancient tribe of the magical world called the Time Keepers. Enjoy the unbelievably realistic graphics of the game and feel yourself a character of the fairy tale.

Title - Nearwood Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Familiarize with Nearwood Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game presented by MagicIndie Softworks. Explore the stunning magic world full of adventures and dangers lurking everywhere.
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How much hidden object games by MagicIndie Softworks do you know? Brink of Consciousness is probably their only famous series which is sad, because it’s remarkable and very fun to play. Today we’re reviewing another game from this developer – Nearwood. This installment is pure awesomeness and we just can’t wait to tell you everything we think about it... Read more

First of all we should say this game is very different from each one in the Brink series – it’s not dark, not creepy and is full of relaxing and amazing elements. This is a fantasy game, so expect magical creatures, surreal events and fairy kingdoms. You play as a young woman who finds herself in the mysterious world and seeks for her lost parents. Also, she gets to change the whole kingdom’s fate and defeat evil. Yes, ‘save the world’ concept is not new, but there are a lot of mini story-lines that make the whole plot unique and unforgettable.

Just like any good fantasy game, this one has mesmerizing graphics. This is probably the prettiest fantasy game we had to play – stunning locations will blow your mind and keep wonder how the next location will look like. Nearwood looks epic from the very first scene and its quality is one the highest level. Music is just like it must be in a fairytale game – it’s magical, relaxing, not repetitive and all voiceovers sound very natural. As a hidden-object adventure Nearwood asks you to explore several locations, find and collect hidden items and of course solve puzzles and play mini-games. In general this is not the most challenging game, but it has an awesome bonus chapter that could easily be turned into the sequel.

If you love fantasy hidden object games for computer then don’t pass by Nearwood. It will blow you away and leave speechless. Download free game and play right away.

3, August 2015


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