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Netstorm: Islands At War game

Netstorm: Islands At War

Do you want to play a role of the owner of the entire world? Play new action game - Islands At War! This fantastic sky world contains many kingdoms that you can capture in battles! Find the spiritual leader of island and disarm him to receive the magical power of island population! You become more forceful and get a possibility to continue your mission! Download free Netstorm - Islands At War! Don't let enemies penetrate in your ownership and be the good ruler of your sky island!




The world is consist of four floating islands each of those is ruled by the priest. These island are very aggressive attacking each other in order to enslave this or that island and be more powerful. This story was told us by Titanic, a well-known game developer, in a very vivid game language... Read more

In Netstorm: Islands At War, you take under control one island and try to conquer every battle. The main point of this title is the accuracy of chosen weapon. The great innovation of this game is the rule: the stronger a weapon is, the less useful it can be. You should mind that weaker weapons can fire in any direction, meanwhile tricky weapons can only fire in a concrete direction. This feature causes the problem that the most powerful and expensive weapon in this title can be defeated by a very cheap weapon.

Primarily, Netstorm: Islands At War have a single-player mode, but at the same time has a good ground for play online mode. Honestly, game’s instructions are a bit hard at first, but in fact the gameplay turns out to be more difficult, therefore you have to pay attention to all tutorials. Graphically, this title looks like an archaic arcade and action game in comparison to modern adventure games. Thanks to addictive play, this fact is of less importance. The sound effects are fine and perfectly suit to Netstorm: Islands At War’s belligerent atmosphere.

Such extraordinary approach towards game production as Titanic’s shows us today, we hope that we will see a lot of new interesting premises in the nearest future. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy this challenging issue and gain experience for the future wins.