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Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition game

Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Go to the incredible adventure with new fantastic game Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart and learn about true love, evil and hate! Meet 2 lovers Viggo and Christine and save them from terrible Vansing family! Christine was kidnapped by someone who was supposed to be dead, now it's your turn to save the day and become a hero! If you want to explore amazing lands and enjoy pleasant music, then hurry up and download Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart right now and totally for free!

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This game is also available for : iPad




It is an open secret that sequels are rarely more interesting and successful than their first installments. The prime object of another chapter in a game series is to make some money, using the good name of the first part. So what about Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart by Vast Studios, the third installment in the prominent series?.. Read more

To start with, both titles of the Nightfall Mysteries series were really addictive and challenging. As for the third chapter, this is also looks rather worthy and vivid. Since Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart is an absolute sequel you can be easily bewildered by its storyline. The plots of the first, the second and the third installment are closely connected, so if you want to know who Viigo,Vansigs and Christine are, and why Christine and Viigo are mortal enemies of the Vansigs, and enjoy the intrigue there, you’d better play all of them or at least read the reviews on these chapters.

As we have already pointed out, Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart is surprisingly good for sequel. The hidden object scenes are numerous and and show a great variety of style – every scenes are very clear with a good amount of distinct items. Most of the puzzles and mini-games aren’t as difficult as in the prior titles, but there are some tasks that are absolutely unique for this genre.

Visually, the game is quite gloomy but not all that fuzzy. Each item is carefully polished so you won’t have any big problems with hidden object puzzles. Thanks to accurate graphics the developers managed to convey a creepy ambiance of game and its spooky mood. The music background also adds much on haunted game atmosphere.

Finally, the developers did their best to give us a really interesting and grabbing game. Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart is a blast for fans of classical Hidden Object title. If you’re one of them, this is surely your cup of tea. Have fun!