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Pahelika: Revelations

At times the developers of Adventure category games seem to work against the gamers. Their games are full of challenges, the solutions of which are absolutely impossible to predict! Have you ever faced such a problem? But all this doesn't concern our newest game by IronCode Games. Just as you start playing Pahelika: Revelations, you will delve into the gripping atmosphere of the gameplay, which is difficult to be called boring or dull. In spite of the fact that its puzzles are still quite tricky, the gameplay is built in a way to arouse the player's interest. We don't want to share all the details of Pahelika: Revelations game with you in order to keep an intrigue.

Title - Pahelika: Revelations Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Have a rest with Pahelika: Revelations, a Arcade & Action game released by Ironcode Software. Delve into a new Adventure game which is a long-awaited sequel of Pahelika series!
Pahelika: Revelations game
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The heyday of adventure games has gone away, but we don’t give up hunting for a really good adventure games. Ironcode Software’s Pahelika: Revelations is one of such game that made in a good old-school adventure style... Read more

Pahelika: Revelations is the second installment in a series revolving around a magical book. This time around, you are to help the main hero stop an evil wizard from wreaking havoc. Although the story is very massive, it’s always clear what you should do and where to go. The game is packed with a very challenging bunch of puzzles that offer different ways of gameplay and are very intriguing. There are all sorts of puzzles (from inventory to hidden object) which add much sense to the core gameplay.

The title’s 3D artwork are presented not bad though, the overall graphics are still very simple and even somber. It looks like the adventure game of the 90’s, where all these grey colors give the game a very serious tone. In spite of its square visuals, Pahelika: Revelations is much more interesting and intriguing than most adventure games. The music background also adds appropriate ambiance, but unfortunately voice-over is from the narrator, whose performance is awkward, describing events as if being read from a story book.

In the end, Pahelika: Revelations has a good chance to become a strong adventure game but for the limited group of players who are keen on highly intuitive adventure games. The problem is, its a very very difficult puzzles, confusing interface and specific graphics might appeal to all players. But the diehard fans of this sort games will relish every minutes of this game.

1, February 2012


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