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Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse game

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse

Genre: Hidden Object

Princess Isabella is going to marry her beloved, Prince Adam, but when she arrives to his castle, she finds out that an evil witch has put a spell on all the people inside. All people, including the young prince, have been turned into mirrors and now only Princess Isabella can save them. Help Isabella explore the castle and bring back to life its inhabitants in this fabulous hidden object game called Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse!

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This game is also available for : iPad




It is difficult to define the genre of Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse, cause the game has a little bit of everything. Here you will have to solve puzzles, look for hidden objects, play skill games, and do whatever it takes to remove an evil curse from your family castle, with your beloved prince inside... Read more

A small fairy, very similar to the one Peter Pan had, is going to accompany you during this challenging adventure. On the first levels, this fairy is going to provide you with hints, but she’ll master new interesting tricks, like smashing or burning things, as you make will your way through the game. Your small helper can be very irritating sometimes, and especially when she talks. In fact, voice acting of all heroes is incredibly awful, but this is probably the only disadvantage the game has.

Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse features beautiful graphics, very good length and comfortable navigation. The castle you will have to explore has so many rooms and entertaining tasks that you won’t have time to get bored at all. The game is very well done.

As the Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse has a great variety of various tasks to perform, we think that everybody should try it. If you like it you will look forward to the sequel, cause Gogii Games company is already working on it!