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Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse Collector's Edition game

Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Did you think that you had seen the witch that cursed Isabella’s family for the last time? Well, she’s back in the sequel called Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse! This time she took away Princess Isabella’s child and cursed the whole kingdom. Princess Isabella needs your help to throw down this evil creature. The authors of the game, Gogii Games, are going to surprise you by magnificent graphical performance and fascinating plot of the game.

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Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse is the latest effort from Gogii Games, with a story of a missing child and a tale of the adventure to save him. While the storyline goes round like the first one, that is not necessarily a bad point... Read more

To start with, Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse is even larger than the previous installment. This time around, you are not edged to the walls of a mansion, and can instead wander around the whole kingdom – around the dark forests, magic villages and so on. As for the mini-games themselves, they are quite varied and live up your expectations. There is a bunch of really unique puzzles that you sometimes cannot handle till you explore some more. The hidden object scenes are sometimes harder and there is a lot of hunting work to do.   

The core gameplay of Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse is fairly intriguing and might be a little perplexing at times but that doesn’t bother die-hard fans of hidden object games. Still, you should be aware of the fact that this game requires lots of movements between the scenes. If you do not like this style of play, you have been warned. The artwork is absolutely terrific as well as the music background, sound effects and animation. The fantasy world of this new title is masterfully done and therefore can easily keep you busy for several hours. However, you must remember that the voice acting was a great problem in the first chapter, and unfortunately, it hasn’t been improved here at all. It seems it was mostly one character and very unprofessional which got pretty annoying after a while.

In the end, the developers give us an acceptable game with compelling gameplay and stunning graphics. But what should we do with the feeling of dejavu? Do nothing! Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse is one of few games that use some the same things of their previous installments quite successful. Be sure, this fact won’t bother you here very much!