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Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness

Genre: Hidden Object

This is a fairy tale that begins…at the end! You know the part that says, “…and they lived happily ever after?” Well, so they did – but not exactly for “ever after!” Very soon after the mysterious prince married his beautiful princess, they learned that future dreams cannot be built to last on the sins from their long-forgotten past. Demons still lurk here, and it will take more than courage to save this young family from their evil power. The young princess must quickly become a powerful and determined queen. Help the princess protect her kingdom and the ones she love the most!

Title - Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness Game Download for PC Description - Uncover Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness, a Hidden Object game devised by Brave Giant Studio. Help the princess protect her kingdom and the ones she love the most!




If you are a fan of beautiful fantasy games then it’s time to introduce you a new one. Free hidden object game under the title Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness might be exactly your cup of tea. Since it’s a fantasy themed game expect the big amount of unreal characters, imaginary worlds and other fairytale stuff. Brave Giant Studios did their best while creating this pc game, now let’s take a closer look at its every element... Read more

Well, in our opinion the storyline deserves solid 4 stars. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not original. Here we get to deal with Magnus who turned the prince into a stone and kidnapped the royal baby. Now you, as a princess, has to rescue her little family and discover many secrets about her husband past. This is gonna be a long journey, considering the game’s length. You’ll get to complete many tasks that include searching through locations and picking up different items. It’s a pure hidden object game with puzzles and mini-games. Hidden object scenes are the main focus of the gameplay, and all of them are creative, new and just very well done.

In terms of visual representation Queen’s Quest is impressive. All fantasy games fans will be satisfied with graphics, clear locations and amazingly beautiful artwork. Thanks to vivid colors and pretty animations the magical spirit is running through the whole game. Soundtracks are surprisingly wonderful, each melody fits the scene and all characters are perfectly voiced.

All in all, Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness is a perfect choice in case you are looking for a good hidden object game download for free. Both hardcore gamers and beginners will be happy with the level of difficulty, and absolutely everyone will also appreciate the high quality of music and graphics.

21, September 2015



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