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Reading the Dead

Genre: Hidden Object

Sarah Carter, a profiler, comes to be involved into the incredibly bloodcurdling whirlpool of events! Once she becomes a witness of a weird ritual, after which Sarah acquires a supernatural talent! Since now she can see the last moments of people's life after having touched them! Are you intrigued? To know what happens next, you can download this chilling Hidden Object game Reading the Dead and reveal the mystery. Why can Sarah see the past? How does it connected with the death of Sarah's mother? Find the answers playing free download game Reading the Dead.

Title - Reading the Dead Game Download for PC Description - Find Reading the Dead, a Hidden Object game elaborated by Big Fish Games. Can you read the past of the dead? How is Sarah Carter's talent connected with her mother's death?
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Have you ever played a clumsy and dull game? If you haven’t, try Reading the Dead, a new hidden object title from Big Fish Games. The fact that this game turned out to be pretty shabby is only a small loss. But the fact that we have to enjoy this poor game premise on Valentine’s Day makes us really disappointed.  .. Read more

Looking forward to something cool on this hilarious day, we have to solve a great murder mystery. Instead of being involved into a romantic story or at least a story without any crimes, we are plunged into gloomy atmosphere of Reading the Dead. You proceed through the storyline with boring dialogues. Fortunately, all of these dialogues can be easily skipped during the play.

The artwork is very grainy in most of the scenes making hidden object puzzles extraordinarily hard to handle. The items are so tiny, we find ourselves clicking anywhere and everywhere hoping we spot something at the end. We can hardly ever find half of the objects without using hint system. There are only three hints, but thankfully there is no click penalty which is a great advantage with these small hidden items. The majority of the mini-games are the same we have played before but all of them have a skip button.

Reading the Dead is a combination of a very poor quality gameplay and mediocre graphics. Sorry for the developers who give us this annoying game. But our life is already overloaded with disappointments without their sad contribution. Rather than provide us with good hidden object experience this installment provides us with sharp eye pain.

16, February 2011


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