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Roads of Rome II

Genre: Time Management

Caesar is at deaths door, as he is poisoned. It's known that there is nothing on Earth to make Caesar healed. Therefore Victorius, a doughty general, starts his long-lasting and dangerous travel to the world of the Gods in the name of his love to Caesar's daughter Julia and his devotion to Caesar. The kingdom of the Gods is the only place, where Victorius can find a curative elixir. It's just the beginning of the story, where you're going to be involved playing Roads of Rome II. Download Roads of Rome II for free and find out, what happens next!

Title - Roads of Rome II Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Enjoy Roads of Rome II, a Time Management game projected by Realore Studios. Help Victorius find the magic potion that will save Caesar's life!
Roads of Rome II game
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It seems we enter the age of sequels… Surely, Roads of Rome 2 sounds quite familiar to some of you. Caesar gets poisoned and you are the last hope to save his life. This opens the second installment in this time management series... Read more

In fact, such a notion as “sequel” mustn’t evoke scorn. Still, we feel suspicious about Roads of Rome 2 because this is a rare case when sequel can enjoy us. In the beginning this installment might seem lame as the first level looks and feels practically the same. Little by little you begin to wonder whether the developers changed something or they just decided to launch the old game again. But after a few stages you start playing an absolute new tasks which really give you a sigh of relief.

Then you realize that Roads of Rome 2 requires more strategy skills, becomes more entertaining and challenging. There are no any irritating bugs or issues but still it might be too easy for experienced time management players. Also, you can feel the lack of twists there but you needn’t cry for the moon. Thankfully, the graphics are gorgeous and make a real figure there. The underwater world is an absolute gem of this installment making the game environment very convincing.

Overall, we would recommend to try this sequel from Realore to those who are fond of fast-paced gameplay. Though the plot is poor and twists are lacking, the great number of new tasks, the strategic growth and the fantastic artwork are quite enough to make this game gripping. Well, sometimes sequels can be fine.   

21, December 2010


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