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Roads of Rome game

Roads of Rome

Genre: Time Management

Roman empire was famous for its beauty and richness all over the world. This time was of different feats and achievements that stroke us with their greatness. What about to make your own contribution and leave your footprint in the history of Rome. Start downloading this amazing time management game, Roads of Rome, right now absolutely for free. You ask, “What for?” We say that this is a fun experience of building hamlets in Rome. Building roads, you bring civilization to the barbarian lands and has a good chance to become the most illustrated Roman legionary. If you catch your lucky star, you will win the right to marry the Caesar's daughter. Roads of Rome is only for the brave players, like you!




Roads of Rome is a brazen but well-designed copy of a fame time management game under the title My Kingdom for the Princess. In other words, Realore Studios took this old game, refreshed its artwork, plunged its heroes into ancient Rome. That is how the new time management game was born... Read more

In Roads of Rome you follow the story of a soldier who has fallen in love with the daughter of Caesar, who is not going to give his only child to plebeian. Thus, he sends your hero on different missions to build Rome’s road system into pathless and dangerous places. As have already guessed, your main aim is building roads, collecting different crystals and other precious things on your path. However, the gameplay is quite varied, and it is always encouraged you to plan your strategy ahead to complete a level in time. “What building should I construct first?”, “When should I hire the workers?” And other questions will stir up your mind more than once.

Graphically, Roads of Rome are beautiful, and the pace of the game is nice, though it feels too simple at times. Some tasks can be too annoying and unimaginative. Moreover, some levels are repetitive, and once you have a feel that this or that level you have played before. Still, you won’t care of these flaws as the whole gameplay is much more valuable. By the way, random obstacles like wild animals or nature disasters also bring variety towards the title. So, if you are not a man of strict principles and have nothing against game rewriting, you will be happy to try this premise.