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Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows

Genre: Hidden Object

Princess made some mistakes in the past, not always using her magic for good. But she’s made amends, and that’s all forgiven now. She has finally found her mother after five long years. But just as Princess runs to embrace her, a band of thuggish trees kidnap her mother! You’re the royal detective she came to know so well, and you’re Princess’ only hope. She’s still just a girl, and her magic isn’t quite strong enough to defeat the villain who’s taken her mother. Help reunite them – and uncover a devious plot by an evil king and his brothers!

Title - Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Show your skills in Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows, a Hidden Object game published by Elephant Games. Princess made some mistakes in the past, not always using her magic for good.
Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows game
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It’s been quiet a long time since the first part in the Royal Detective series came out and everyone was just blown away. Then the creators from Elephant Games finally released the sequel which we are going to review now. .. Read more

Unfortunately the second part of this free fun game didn’t turn out as good and epic as its predecessor. This time the princess takes a journey to rescue her kidnapped mother who got lost into the woods. Go there, pick up random magical objects, upgrade your special abilities and super powers. There’s no much explanation about what’s actually going on between the scenes, so it all just looks like a bunch of locations you get to explore, collect items and that’s it.

The gameplay seems tiring, with no challenges at all because of an overabundance under control holding. The hidden object scenes don’t offer anything but the same old things and even puzzles are nothing new. Visually this installment is a kind of worse than the previous one, the areas are not clear, not even creative. Characters are not well animated and sometimes look emotionless due to the lack of lip syncing during the conversations and dialogs. Even though the screenshots look bright and colorful, the whole representation of the game is pretty much dark. Don’t let them fool you.

All in all Royal Detective: Queen of Shadows is not something mindblowing and epic, it’s not original, not very high quality and in one word – disappointing. But yet there still might be someone who will enjoy this free fun game. So if this hidden object adventure ends up among your pc game downloads you still get a chance to enjoy it.

9, April 2015


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