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Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown

Breaking news! The monarchy is at risk! Someone wearing a black cloak broke into the royal palace. The stranger was fearful and grim, and challenged the King's right to the throne. He accused the King of being unable to manage the kingdom, and demanded to be elected King himself! Help the King win the elections and defend the truth and justice in the kingdom.

Title - Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Try Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown, a Time Management game built up by Playrix Entertainment. Help the King win the elections!
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Discover new fun computer game presented by Playrix Entertainment - Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown. What does this installment have to surprise the amateurs of funny Time Management games with the elements of building? Let’s find out... Read more

First of all, there are many parts in this Royal Envoy game series and each one gets just better and better. In Campaign for the Crown you have to help the King win the election, but people don’t want to vote for the King. Why? They lost faith in him, their villages are ruined and it’s up to you to rebuild them and restore the citizens’ faith in the King. 

Just like in previous parts you build and repair with your tools, manage resources and workers. Make sure you check the tasks in every level because they can be different. One time you need cottages that produce gold, and the next time you have to produce lumber. Level by level, step by step you achieve your goals and get to the end of the game.

In order to split the gameplay the developers came up with entertaining mini-games – save one of your workers from a cave-in in the gold mine, lure the elephants and more. All of that will make your experience with the game even more exciting. By the way there’s no relaxed mode – you need to be quick and think fast and figure out all the puzzles before time runs out.

They say Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown is one of the best Time Management games and in the Royal Envoy series as well. Graphics are excellent, soundtrack and background music suit the gameplay very well. We can’t judge, but you can if you give it a try and play from the beginning till the end. Don’t forget to share your thoughts. Good luck!

30, March 2015


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