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Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition

Genre: Time Management

South Ocean. HMS "Islandshire" is exploring the white spots on the map. All of a sudden they see new lands! Previously unknown islands contain immense supplies of fish, pearls, troves of ancient pirate treasure and vast deposits of gold. They are also full of mysteries and riddles. Who will crack the intriguing puzzles of the past? Who will lead the expedition to claim and develop these new lands? Will the new lands be part of the Kingdom? Embark on an exciting journey to answer all of these questions.

Title - Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Do your best in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition, a Time Management game launched by Playrix Entertainment. The HMS Islandshire is exploring the South Ocean when they see new land!
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We bet we’ve heard a lot about the Royal Envoy series of Time Management games and probably even got to play some of its parts. Today we review its third installment in order to reveal all the advantages and disadvantages. .. Read more

First of all we gotta say this sequel didn’t bring anything new or refreshing but it’s still a decent game to deal with. You travel to the new island and look for the gold and other natural resources. Rebuild this island and expand the kingdom. As you can already see – nothing new and exciting. The same faces, the same gameplay. You get to pass through 80 levels, visit eleven islands and we can guarantee – you’ll never get bored with this game. It requires a lot of special skills so Royal Envoy 3 is a great opportunity to practice and improve them.

Playrix Entertainment amazes us with the quality of graphics and visual representation. Images and scenes are very appealing and lovely. Creators even added some 3D elements to make the game look more realistic. Characters are animated very well but their voices sound a lil bit annoying, plus too much voice-overs.

This is a good Building game and developers did their best not to disappoint the hardcore gamers and amateurs of this genre. There are different game modes for beginners and advanced gamers. We just wish there was more challenge and more puzzles. And maybe a better storyline too.

If you want even more levels then welcome to Collector’s edition that offers us 32 levels more along with epic cutscenes, achievements and bonuses. Unfortunately we can’t give this game more than 3 stars but play it anyway because there’s nothing better than your own experience. Download Royal Envoy 3 for free and start your journey now!

6, May 2015


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