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She is a Shadow game

She is a Shadow

Genre: Hidden Object

She is a Shadow is a hidden object game where you should help Hanna rescue her son from a serious trouble. In her youth, Hanna was a professional thief, and a very good one. Today she is nothing but a loving mother. Recently her old employer asked Hanna to make a small job, but she has refused. So the employer has figured out that the only way to get Hanna back to business is to kidnap her baby. That is the last mistake he has made in his life...

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She is a Shadow is a hidden object game which was produced by Tonuyaba company. It tells us a story about Hanna - a retired master thief who is forced to go back into business. She stopped all illegal activities when she became pregnant, but recently her child has been kidnapped and the only way to rescue his is to perform several jobs for the kidnapper... Read more

Probably the plot is the only interesting moment you can find in the game, cause everything else is the same as in hundreds of other hidden object games. Your boss provides you with the list of items you need to steal for him and you can start your adventure. The game offers you to play in two modes: normal and hard. In normal mode you have unlimited time per level and each minute adds you one extra hint. Hard mode features limited time and each hint costs you several seconds.

From the technical side the game has nothing to describe, but the length! With its 21 jobs and more than 50 locations the game guarantees you long hidden object gameplay. The game also has decent replayability, cause all object change their places when you replay the game.

So, in general, She is a Shadow is another average game and if you are a fan of the hidden object genre you will probably like it! Have a good time!