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Slingo Quest Amazon

If you are looking for the new quest – be sure you just found it here: Slingo Quest Amazon is special for you! Are you ready for the next Slingo challenge? Slingo Quest takes your favorite Slingo game the next level and introduces brand new fun ways to play! Slingo Quest Amazon continues the exciting adventure from the end of Slingo Quest Egypt and sends you up the Amazon River in order to rescue the Joker from the Devil. All the classic Slingo fun you know and love, plus brand new ways to play! Feel free to start your Slingo adventure today!

Title - Slingo Quest Amazon Game Download for PC Description - Acquire Slingo Quest Amazon, a Puzzle game given by Funkitron. Be ready to rescue the Joker from the Devil finding yourself on the Amazon River!
Slingo Quest Amazon game
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Slingo Quest Amazon made by Funkitron is like a breath of fresh air after all those spooky and mysterious Hidden Object games. Slingo is more lighthearted, fun and addictive type of games that we haven’t seen much lately. If you like Slingo games you definitely will like this one too. .. Read more

If you are new in the world of Slingo Games you should know that the basic gameplay is simple: each level has a board filled with random numbers across five columns. Each time you take a spin, five numbers or symbols appear slot machine style, and you can click on the numbers on your Bingo card if they match those that you’ve spun. Each Slingo you create earns you points, and if you create special shapes, you’ll earn more bonuses. Spinning any number of bonus items affects your gameplay as well, with coins giving you bonus points, Jokers allowing you to mark off any number in the column or card and the Devil who triggers mini-games that either rely on skill or pure dumb luck.

Graphics are very nice and clear, and the gameplay is fun. There are plenty of levels to complete, with ten different locations to travel to in all, some of which introduce new hexagonal or other oddly-shaped boards The boards and new power-ups are amazing. Other new features such as new mini games and today’s challenge make Slingo Quest Amazon even better.

But there is also some frustrating and annoying issues we need to tell you about. The most part of this game you will keep hitting the one button over and over again, and if the Devil takes all you have you will need to replay the same board over and over. That’s the reason you could be bored while playing Slingo Quest Amazon. Some levels are extremely hard to beat and some goals are more so. You may barely spent a whole Saturday afternoon playing level 2-1again and again and again to achieve the ‘full card’ star of this level, and 4 hours to achieve 5 stars on level 2-3. The goals are too harsh and you can only hope you will win with your fingers crossed. The new friends power-ups in the game is unbalanced.

All in all Slingo Quest Amazon is a nice little time waster you do not have to be a kid to enjoy it. It’s just a game of chance, you will like it. Happy gaming and good luck!

22, September 2011


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