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Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold

Genre: Hidden Object

Originally, Slingo was a combination of two games: slits and Bingo. But this time Funkitron Company added some hidden object missions to the usual gameplay. Maggie has lost everything after her divorce. Her ex-husband is an owner of the most successful casino in Las Vegas, so Maggie figures out that the best way to take revenge is to rob the casino's vault. She has nothing to loose and she'll never stop! Can you help Maggie fulfill her insidious plan?

Title - Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold Game Download for PC Description - Have fun with Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold, a Hidden Object game made by Funkitron. Can you help Maggie fulfill her insidious plan?




Puzzles. Mysteries. Hidden objects. Everything can be found in Slingo Mystery: Who’s Gold adventure game released by Funkitron gaming company. The developers did their best to combine several different genres in one casual game, but not all of them fit into the overall picture... Read more

We’ll start with some good features. Every action in the game and every item is related to the story, which is an incredibly rare quality for a game like this. It gives you a clear idea what you are doing and why you are doing it. Of course there are some far-fetched missions, like, taking out a security camera with bamboo arrows, but no worse than in any Hollywood action movie.

Once in a while you will have to play Slingo mini-games, a combination of Bingo and Slots. You can play them to earn extra points, clues or power-ups. Taking into consideration that slingo is an extremely addictive game, the developers designed a special Bonus Feature that allows you to play this mini-game any time from the main menu.

30 different locations make the game long enough, but other production values are not so good. First of all, the game is awfully easy. Even the hardest mode of the game won’t be a great challenge for average-skilled players. Some hidden object missions are extremely frustrating. Often you have to find five of the same thing, like five security cameras or five tanks of propane. That seems a little bit strange.

Anyway, the game has some original twists and if you want to experience something new, Slingo Mystery: Who’s Gold is a good choice.

25, September 2009



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