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Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure game

Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure

Genre: Arcade & Action

There's nothing like learning something new while playing! Meet Teddy – he is eager to become acquainted with outward things and you'll help him achieve this aim! The destination of Teddy's journey is the distant mountains where his uncle lives. There are many adventures on the way! Teddy won't cope with them alone! Go through the numerous mini-games and crack some sophisticated puzzles! This developmental Arcade& Action game named Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure will grab an attention of both children and parents!




Polish studio Forever Entertainment S.A. is known by the cross-platform casual games developing. Among other things, this crew is responsible for numerous games dedicated to the Teddy Floppy Ear adventures. Floppy Ear (also known as Miś Uszatek) is a hero of a famous Polish cartoon, produced by Se-ma-for. Altogether there are 104 episodes of this show. It is still broadcast in many countries and Floppy Ear continues making the young audience happy. The brand-new game starring Floppy Ear is entitled as Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure. Let us review it in detail... Read more

The plot is plain. Probably, it is made intentionally: children are always ready to be entertained, but they refuse to be burden with the redundant storyline details. However, Floppy Ear is not only having fun, but exploring an outer world. The whole series of games tries to keep the balanced mixture between amusement and education. That is why this game is highly recommended for younger generation. You are offered to follow the footprints of an adorable Teddy Floppy Ear. Together, you will have to learn some new things about the world we are living in. Your adventure starts right after Teddy’s arrival at the railroad station. He comes here to visit his uncle – the painter who lives in the picturesque mountains. During the walking tours along the beautiful landscapes, you will learn the basic elements of art such as palette, shape and outline, perspective, etc. The educational process is accompanied by an entertaining section, which is presented in the form of puzzles and mini-games. We must say they are not difficult at all. For example, some of them require to paint a picture with the correct colors. Others want you to match things and place them in the right order. Also, you will face the two “identical” pictures where you must find the differences. As you can see, these challenges are easy to cope with, but they are still interesting. The whole game is remarkable for chatting with various inhabitants of the place where Teddy’s uncle lives. Your interlocutors are eager to help you in exchange for completing some quests. Mostly, these tasks involve you in the searching for the wanted item or taking a picture of something or somebody. Anyway, the conversations are important: without having a talk, you will find yourself in a blind alley sooner or later. It is easy to navigate within the location: the directions are given. The hint will show the action to perform: walking, talking or interacting. Also, the cursor will indicate the items which are able to be collected. The useful tutorial is integrated in the game. Follow the instructions and get used to the features of the game!

The next section that must be reviewed belongs to the visuals and audio. The developers wanted to keep the spirit of the original animated TV series, so, they decided to make graphics alike the cartoon. It turned out well! The graphic presentation is beautiful and smooth. Your eyes will be fixed at the amazing landscapes! The main hero, Teddy Floppy Ear, and his twin from the TV show are similar like two peas in a pod. The true lovers of Miś Uszatek will appreciate it for sure! Concerning the audio: the music score is completely suitable while the voiceovers are perfectly matched. All in all, both visuals and audio are well done!

In summary, we can characterize Teddy Floppy Ear: Mountain Adventure as a perfect game for the youngsters. The storyline, gameplay and visual presentation are suitable for kids. This game is made to help the child tell the Good things from the Evil ones. It is a rare opportunity to learn such an important difference between these ideas by means of the game.