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Tennis in the Face

Immerse in the new addicting Arcade & Action and Brain Teaser game entitled Tennis in the Face. Your main objective is to destruct the factory called Explodz which produces a harmful energy drink. Defeat evil clowns and enemies which are addicted to the energy drink using the tennis ball for this. Your score depends on the number of enemies you will destroy. Save the city from the detrimental influence of the energy drink in the new nailing Brain Teaser and Arcade & Action game. Download Tennis in the Face right now and totally for free.

Title - Tennis in the Face Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Show your skills in Tennis in the Face, a Puzzle game designed by 10tons Ltd. Save the city from the factory which produces the harmful energy drink.
Tennis in the Face game



Do you like playing tennis? Even the haters of this kind of sport cannot stand the brand-new Arcade puzzler named Tennis in the Face. The well-known team of developers 10tons Ltd. comes up with an idea of adding some humour and a little drop of cruelty in the routine of a standard tennis match. However, this so-called “cruelty” is funny and absolutely harmless after all. Shortly, these are the basic components the fascinating Brain Teaser is made of. Other peculiarities of this game will be described in the following review... Read more

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” – this popular expression is a leitmotif of the Tennis in the Face. The plot told us a grieved story of Pete Pagassi – ex-famous tennis player who knew what falling from grace felt like. His promising career was ruined because of an addiction he could not resist. Being hooked on Explodz Energy Drink, Pete needed nothing but drinking this life-energy booster time and again. Soon, everything he dreamed of turned to ashes. Pagassi was close to end up in the gutter. But Pete managed to take himself in hand and pulled his foot out of the grave. Outdone with this heavy soda habit, Pete promised to struggle against Explodz corporation until the last drop of energy drink sank into oblivion. It turned out that it was easy said than done: the whole town was infested by the energy stimulant zombies. Almost everybody fell into a corporation’s web. The only way to reach the Explodz headquarters is to wipe out these fruitcakes. Pete has chosen the habitual means as the primary weapon: tennis racket and the balls. The number of tennis balls is restricted, so, spend it wisely! The controls are as simple as ABC: drag the imaginary firing line and click to allow the “missile” follow the path you have just preset. Trajectory of the previously launched ball saves as a dotted line and allows you to be guided by it afterwards. Using this principle you must go through the numerous levels demolishing everything and everyone on your way. In other words, the goal is to clean up the playground. The cast of opponents is variegated. You will face the riot police troops, scientists of the Explodz, crazy clowns, douchebags and office plankton. The difficulty increases according to your progress. Sometimes you can benefit by the obstacles: explosive and unbalanced objects could be the real helpers. But for the most part you can rely on the calculations and ricochet only. The more enemies will be defeated, the highest score you will get. The so-called “headshot” is the most valuable way of hitting the targets. Good points can unlock the bonus chapters. There is a lot of work to be done as well.

The cartoon-based graphics are stunning! Game physics deserve a special mention. The developers include a ragdoll animation and we must say it looks great! You know how it works: once the enemies are hit, they start their believable performance. The launched ball acts according to the laws of physics. The distance, chosen direction, interaction with the obstacles and characters affect the motion of your projectile. Take it into account while playing. The sound effects are up to the mark as well. You will not be disappointed with the soundtrack: melodies are unobtrusive and apt.

In tote, Tennis in the Face looks like a decent Arcade game that is able to stimulate your strategy thinking. Vengeance-based storyline, exciting gameplay and a lavish portion of humour make this title distinguished and worth playing. Practice your serve and save the town from the baneful beverage! Do you have the balls to win?

12, June 2013



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