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Terrafarmers game


Genre: Time Management

Do you still believe that biological life is only possible on our planet? Download Terrafarmers now for free and you will see that life is bubbling up on other planets, too. You will not only meet different wild and funny alien creatures but will be able to help them run the real galactic farm business. Get ready to deal with fantastic machines converting different products into goods and then sell them. Play this captivating time management game Terrafarmers with cool illustrations and a wonderful plot!

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Terrafarmers is an all-new fast-paced time management game by Alawar Entertainment in the well-familiar game style of Farm Frenzy. Of course, most of you will immediately suggest that this is just another title blatantly using the well-worn game formula. But this time around, you shouldn’t think too soon, wrinkle your nose and purse your lips... Read more

To start with, Terrafarmers settings are very close to Farm Frenzy, but the core gameplay is absolutely different. Instead of traditional farm field there you must reclaim lands of other planets and moons. Since the scenes are laid in the space, get ready to deal with odd and strange things. Traveling around to far away planets, you will breed fantastic creatures, collect incredible things, use queer machines and produce quizzical goods. As you can see everything in this installment is suitably strange and alien, from the different creatures that pop up to the weird objects they give. It is all perfectly add on game environment.

Notwithstanding that graphics are grim a little bit and therefore make game less attractive, the gameplay itself is solid. There are a variety of twists and challenges that make each level intriguing and interesting. Figuring out how to meet each day’s goal with gold medal becomes quite tricky as well. You still have there “factories” and “warehouses” but they are all very and very different and cute.

Though we have already played many remade Farm Frenzy issues, Terrafarmers is a real new wave. New features, a new theme and a new visual style gainfully highlight this title on casual game market. All in all, you will forget about Farm Frenzy playing this fresh product. Wait to go, Alawar Entertainment!