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The Dream Voyagers

Genre: Hidden Object

Every night the people of the small town of Slumberton see terrible nightmares where their worst fears and feelings are reflected. So you are the one who is blessed with the talent of being able to enter the dreams of others and calm their nightmares. Can you restore peaceful sleep of Slumberton in GameHouse's upcoming hidden object game The Dream Voyagers? To put a stop to all those nightmares, you are to assume the role of a “dream voyager” and travel through the dreamscapes on a mysterious hidden object adventure. Being the envoy of the guild, you are asked to enter the horrible dreams of townspeople and get to the reason of those troubles. In this oncoming spooky adventure game you will travel into the dream of different people to eliminate all their phobias by polishing hidden object scenes. The Dream Voyagers has a timer, but provides its potential players with a unique three-tiered hint system that offers different ways of figuring out well-hidden items.

Title - The Dream Voyagers Game Download for PC Description - Uncover The Dream Voyagers, a Hidden Object game built up by Gamehouse. Help the residents of Slumberton get a good night's rest!
The Dream Voyagers game




What dream did you have last night? Sweet dream or nightmare? Does it have any significance to you? If your dreams are always pleasant, most of you pay no attention to them. But what about nightmares? If you have a bizarre dream or a series of nightmares, you will feel ill at ease. So GameHouse made the right choice in using dream world as a setting for their new hidden object game under the title The Dream Voyagers... Read more

The vivid storyline perfectly rendered by the picturesque scenes. Sadly, this is the only advantage of this most awaiting game project. This has lovely hidden object scenes with a challenging premise and masterful graphics and music but all items are just too hard to figure out. Probably people with ideal eyesight who are keen on straight hidden object games would enjoy it to the full.

The most pity fact is too short game length. The Dream Voyagers itself will take you about four hours to finish, but the Déjà vu mode – which lets you replay completed levels – add an only hour or two to the core gameplay. Its cartoonish style is charming and very colorful, making it a real pleasure to travel around these locations. But unfortunately, it is not enough for such a good game. But for these wonderful sceneries there would be nothing to try. Its boring gameplay can easy put you into a coma. That’s pity that so many months of waiting The Dream Voyagers were in vain. We are afraid that there will be nothing challenging to play this long holidays. How poor we are!

24, December 2010



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