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The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus

Genre: Hidden Object

Meet Sarah Green and help her solve the mysterious case in new amazing and challenging Hidden Object game under the title The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus! You have to find the missing doctor Magnus who disappeared after his wife and daughter's death in a car accident. According to the story, Mr. Magnus became obsessed with the idea of communication with the souls. Find him and reveal all the secrets. Download The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus totally for free, enjoy the plot, addictive gameplay and challenging puzzles. Good luck!

Title - The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus Game Download for PC Description - Amuse with The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus, a Hidden Object game released by Two Desperados. Join Kate as he searches for the missing Doctor!
The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus game
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Do you like thrilling detective stories that take place in godforsaken towns? In Big Fish Games prepared for you mysterious investigation in The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus. Help the detective Sarah Green to find missing town doctor, who withdrew from society after the tragic death of his wife and daughter in a car accident. Dr. Magnus starts conducting dangerous experiments aimed at contacting with the souls of his loved ones. Now, Sarah Green have to find out what happened with the crazy doctor... Read more

The gameplay mostly is an adventure with plenty of hidden object scenes. Actually, there are lots and lots of them, so HO fans will love this game. Although, the hidden object scenes are not interactive. The main menu offers only two gameplay mode: casual and advanced. As for puzzles and minigames, they are few, and easy to solve, especially if you play on casual game mode.

On the start you have a notebook with a list of achievements to acquire. Also, during the game, you need to collect 25 Horus Eyes. As a help, there is a hint button, which is really of no help, if you stuck. In addition, you can not use the hint button in HO scenes. There is no map, since it would have no use, each chapter is completely closed and you do not have to go back during this game. The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is quite long. It took me 5 and a half hours to finish the game on an advanced mode.

The artwork is beautiful, as well as the music. Every scene is clear and brightly colored. However some HO scenes were a little dark, which complicates the process. There are no voiceovers in the game, but, frankly speaking, there were not much people to talk with. So, there are no dialog boxes, which makes the game more dynamic.

The plot itself is very interesting and I really enjoyed figuring out what to do next. Every move was well-thought and logical. I would recommend this game for fans of adventure genre and for those who want a change from dark Gothic stories. “Relaxing” is the best word that can describe The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus. A nice distraction from daily routine.

13, September 2012



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