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Hanging Gardens of Babylon game

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Genre: Hidden Object

It is 605 BC and Egyptian troops are quickly approaching their destination to attack and seize one of the seven wonders of the world – Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Queen can stop this blatant intrusion, but if you help her. Show off your best Hidden Object skills to figure out and collect the necessary items and save Babylon City from those fierce assassins. Explore its wonderful scenes and solve tricky puzzles in this challenging adventure game. Download Hanging Gardens of Babylon to wander about this gorgeous place!




Hanging Gardens of Babylon is a new Hidden Object game presented by Big Fish Games. But this time the storyline has nothing in common with dark places, abandoned mansions or mysterious characters. This time you found yourself in Egypt and admire wonderful scenery of Babylon. .. Read more

But unfortunately t his not a good game. It deserves a note only for the gorgeous graphics and beautiful scenes in the intro where you learn a lot of things about Babylon.  But this intro is too long and you can’t even skip them, which is frustrating because we actually don’t play for a history lesson! The beginning cut scenes give the history of this place and why it was constructed with the hanging gardens and additional cut scenes throughout the game give additional information as to what is happening in the time period of the game.

Well, t he intro graphics are quite nice but when you get to the Hidden Object scenes the hand-drawn items don’t always look like what they’re supposed to be and it seems to be difficult to find the objects. Gameplay is kind of boring. There’s no dynamism, no animation and it’s too repetitive and easy. The characters don’t move so it’s like reading the blocks in a comic book. Only you are not laughing. The dialogues are too long and there’s no option to skip them neither. There are also any explanations of what you are supposed to do unless you hit the help button!

For screen options there are two: full screen and windowed mode. Music is relaxing but repetitive which could make you start being annoyed.  But voicovers are very well done.

What started out so promising, with some of the most beautiful cut-scenes we could have seen in quite awhile, turned into a graphics bore, with images that seemed straight out of a game released in 2003. Finally the one thing that could make gamers happy in Hidden Object games - you’ve got several items in the screen that match the what you’re looking for!

A great first effort and congratulations to the development team!  Hanging Gardens of Babylon is definitely beautiful to look at but… frustrating to play.