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The Island: Castaway game

The Island: Castaway

Once a huge ocean liner ran upon the rocks in the open ocean. Thanks to life boats, a group of people managed to go to the nearest uninhibited island. This tropical place turned out to be wonderful and generously sheltered all of them. But weird things began to chase these poor people on the island in this new hidden object title – The Island: Castaway. Help these islanders organize their life: gather foods, build shelters and so on. Download The Island: Castaway absolutely for free now!




Are you keen on such adventure stories as the world-famous film “Lost” or so? Then you will appreciate Awem Studio’s new game under the title The Island Castaway. It is primarily strategy and adventure game that reminds us Virtual Villagers... Read more

The game begins with a disaster shipwreck on the open sea. You mange to escape death and finds yourself on a tropical island. You and other shipwrecked people believe that the most terrible things have been already suffered. But soon they find out there that an island life covers much more difficulties than they have thought before. You play as Tom who practically look like a Jack from “Lost”. It means it is up to you where to find food, make tools and take care of all other people. 

The Island Castaway does a good job combining elements of the best adventure titles and usual casual gameplay. In comparison with other similar games the artwork looks especially nice. There are also some interesting spins on the gameplay, like the ability to cook different dishes strictly following by the recipes. Honestly, we put no hopes on this premise as we were sure to get just another boring adventure clone, but surprisingly found this game rather fresh.

Lots of addictive adventure features, nice inventory puzzles and tons of item-collectings are waiting for you there. The system of navigation turns out to be quite comfortable requiring just a few minutes to catch its principle. The game is rather challenging so autosave function will be pretty useful there. Will you survive? Will you manage to uncover the great secret of this weird island.

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 1024 MB

DirectX: 8.0

Hard Drive: 517 MB