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The Tiny Bang Story game

The Tiny Bang Story

Playing The Tiny Bang Story, you have to help Tiny Planet, which is burst into fragments by a huge asteroid! It's a new Hidden Object game, where you are to explore numerous scenes in search for necessary machine details. These special machines are required for repairing Tiny Planet. Help the population survive and save the whole planet! Your mission is uneasy, of course, but Tiny Planet inhabitants are waiting for your help! So, download The Tiny Bang Story right now! Besides, you can do it for free.




Can a game with a simple story and simple gameplay be catching? Just try The Tiny Bang Story, a new beautiful game from Colibri Games, and see for yourself that it is not only attractive but extremely hooking from the start to the very end... Read more

While most developers are cramming their games with all sorts of gimmicky inclusions, the others like Colibri Games put all their creativity and mountains of love into their game products. That is why The Tiny Bang Story is a very memorable game that will grab your attention and please with its hand-drawn art. There is no text to read or any dialogues as it is just a “silent” point-and-click story mainly based on intuitive gameplay. Each part of this title is beautifully drawn, depicting fictive scenes that reminds us imaginative illustrations of childish books. Being free of treacly sentiments, the game is very smooth to play and lovely to look at.

Fortunately, the game is much more than a pretty face. Easier than some related adventures, there are still lots of challenges by way of finding items, solving mini-games and searching for proper use of inventory items. The Tiny Bang Story never guides you, so you actually have to make a lot of guess and leg work to get things done. No task jumps out at you, no puzzles solves themselves and even the hint systems requires some efforts. Just a few sibling hidden object titles can boast of such challenges, can’t they?

There is no timer and you don’t need to rush, you can wander about the game at your own pace. This allows you to enjoy a fascinating soothing dreamy atmosphere of the game and its pleasant music background. All these positive points make traveling to this funky world a real delight! Have a wonderful game experience today!