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The Torment of Whitewall Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Solve the complicated case about the mysterious attacks in new exciting Hidden Object game Night Stalker in The Torment of Whitewall! Find out the true about the snatcher and catch the villain. You have to get in contact with the only surviving victim, who refuses to tell the truth and nobody knows why. What actually happened? Become a detective for a while and get to the truth. Download the game Night Stalker in The Torment of Whitewall right now and for free. Good luck!

Title - The Torment of Whitewall Collector's Edition Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Look at The Torment of Whitewall Collector's Edition, a Hidden Object game projected by BD Studio. Help to catch the villain who kidnaps innocent women.





The Torment of Whitewall is a new Hidden Object game by BD Studio. You sit and do nothing, when you are invited to get into the ferry and go to a distant, perhaps even an abandoned village, where a malicious enough monster grabs poor people in the night and no one knows what happens to them afterwards!Why you are interested in, huh?Soul thirsts for adventure, and you are going to go! Apparently, it was a rash decision ..... Read more

So you become a detective, investigating cases of kidnapping of girls from the same village. One of them, by the way, managed to escape from captivity of the terrible creature. Directly here your inquiry begins. Residents of villages are not so simple: for information or valuable items you will need to deal with Hidden Object location or solve the puzzle.Speaking of the graphics, it must be said that there is something strange going on.Landscapes and backgrounds are made ​​in 2D, but the characters are acting on them - in 3D. One with the other does not fit, and frankly, this is just painful to watch.In the cut-scenes that point is rather smoothed.

The gameplay is largely placed on the map and spots that you want to visit, and always hanging cursor. Loop, as you might guess, magnifies subjects, helping to see the items that you may need, the arrow indicates that you have found a new way (nothing new). The game is based, of course, on Hidden Objects locations. Finding them will not make you sad. These locations are shrouded in mist, so it is very simple to find them. Items need to hiccup from the list, some of them are marked in red: to pick them up, you must do two action. All again it’s painfully easy, because all you need is to open, for example, a box to take the necklace. I even feel sorry for the creators of this game. If the search items were more complex, it would be a definite plus. Thre is nothing to think about, everything is plain to see. This become boring quickly.

However, in the game «The Torment of Whitewall» the level of complexity varies!This is where you and waiting for the catch!Where to get the two components of the items you click on one of them and ... nothing happens! Sometimes it is exasperated.There is a task: to get the book by all means.You many, many times click on a shelf of books, but again, nothing! It turns out that you need sheets, not books, among them, and it will bring you what you need. Some of these puzzles quite good, but others simply strain. In between games, “Hidden object” game offers a variety of puzzles in which you need the previously found items. You think it’s one of the advantages of the gameplay? Well, who knows ... It would seem necessary to think in advance to use the items in the subsequent stages, but there again, it’s simple. Typically, the key items used in the same room, where you found them, or in the next.

If during the game, you get stuck, aid tips come to you, a lot of hints. Depending on the difficulty level, the speed of scale hints will vary. For those who do get lost - a Strategy guide.

The sound of the game is made up to the mark. You can choose the optimum volume of the sounds and music. Excellent made are atmosphere sounds, such as street noise or crackling burning wood. Voice acting is also great - thanks to her odd characters come to life slightly.

The Torment of Whitewall consists of three chapters after all.The plot has an excellent eyeballs, but then somehow it stalls, and a simple search for items not able to keep your interest. On the other hand, if you like do not think hard, the game you enjoy. Sounds and soundtrack made with a bang, but the graphics and the characters they do not quite match.  I can advise this gam to hardcore players. obviously, «The Torment of Whitewall» is for beginners or kids.

28, December 2012



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