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Deadly Association game

Deadly Association

Genre: Hidden Object

Plunge into the investigation of the complicated case in the new engaging Hidden object game Deadly Association. Feel the atmosphere of New York and reveal the mystery of the strange murder. The woman was found killed not far from her apartment in Brooklyn. Two experienced detectives Chloe and Paul start the investigation of this case. Help them to find the criminal, ransack the houses of the suspects, search for clues and scratch your head over numerous intricate puzzles. Download the breathtaking and mysterious Hidden object game Deadly Association right now and absolutely for free.



Cruelty becomes a common thing nowadays. You can find it everywhere you want: TV shows, movies, some adult cartoons and videogames, of course. It seems that media tycoons have figured out a perfect formula to earn the profits: the crueler content is, the more relevant it becomes. Why does it happen? The answer deals with the human nature. The passion of watching the shocking content to a greater or lesser extent takes place in our brain, whether you like it, or not. Anyway, our eyes are always fixed on the world of casual games. Today we are going to talk about new Hidden Object game named Deadly Association. To all appearances, developer’s team of Microids decides to keep pace with the current savage time. Let us see what this decision has resulted in... Read more

The storyline offers you to take part in investigation of a mysterious murder along with the skillful detectives of New York Police Depertment. This case is carried on by police inspector Chlo√© Cunningham and her partner Paul Baxter. A young lady, Nancy Boyle, was found dead near her home in Brooklyn. Victim was not connected with criminal word at all. There are no clues or guiding thread. However, the authorities insist on a prompt exposure of this case. The point is that Nancy was occupied a position in a major and powerful company. So, the results must be delivered without delay! The talented specialists in crime detection are at your disposal. You will have to face with all murder related stuff, such as witnesses questioning, finger-printing, searching for evidence, etc. All your findings will be religiously examined inside the criminal labs. We can assure you: nothing will pass unnoticed. The most important thing that must be done as a result of your investigation is determining of suspects. As you can see, this detective story has a classic Hidden Object gameplay with the elements of thriller. We can say the main accent goes to the HOS. Unfortunately, Adventure component remains in the shadow. Mini games are smartly introduced into the gameplay. For example, one Puzzle task wants you to gather the pieces of the disrupted victim’s photo. You need to cope with this task, otherwise you will miss some clue and the entire case will be doomed. All the aspects are well developed, actually. Let us talk about some of them in detail.

The visual part deserves the highest form of appreciation! The graphics are great! The Hidden Object scenes as well as cut scenes are itemized and sharp. The colors are incredibly rich. The game itself has a modern look in comparison with the other games of the similar genre. The sound effects are perfectly combined with the visual aspect. The background music creates an adorable atmosphere and sometimes causes a nervous tremor! The voiceovers are suitable to their owners. It seems that voice actors have given a proper weigh to the age parameter. Undoubtedly, it is the biggest advantage of a whole game. We suppose it is a high time for a conclusion now.

In our opinion, Deadly Association is a perfect example of a high quality Hidden Object game. No matter what it looks like: Criminal Minds TV show or popular CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series. HOPA fans will be satisfied for sure. Also, high-grade casual game will take pleasure from this game. Crew of developers has brought this title up-to-date and added a drop of brutality. The drop that we always want to swallow.