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The Witch and The Warrior

The Witch and The Warrior is our newest game of Arcade & Action category. The events begin, when a young witch leaves her small fairy-tale island and sets off for the College of Magic to be taught all the details and intricacies of the witchcraft. Breathtaking adventures are already waiting for her in the far-off land. The war between the people and the magicians has been lasting for ages, and now there is a suspicious armistice. Maybe it's a momentary lull before the final battle? Play The Witch and The Warrior to learn! Download the game absolutely for free and get involved into the story!

Title - The Witch and The Warrior Game Download for PC Description - Get The Witch and The Warrior, a Arcade & Action game presented by Eridani Games. Travel to the College of Magic together with the young witch and take part in her gripping adventures!
The Witch and The Warrior game

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for The Witch and The Warrior. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




What does a computer game development start with? Perhaps, with working on the plot? If no, it really should! Game mechanics or graphics are secondary, if the player doesn’t actually understand the idea and the game ultimate goal. This is the very case with The Witch and The Warrior by Eridani Games... Read more

Its storyline should have been more elaborated, as the clashes appear from the very beginning. You realize that something strange is going on, but you don’t know who is behind it. In fact, you battle but don’t actually see the main evil opponent. That is, the characters’ relationships are not very well thought over. Even speaking about “The Warrior”from the title, you also don’t realize who is supposed to be this warrior almost till the very end of the game. One more downfall is the magic itself. The game with the witch protagonist must seemingly have brilliant magical elements of the gameplay. But, as it appears, those wielding sorcery are powerless and virtually absurd. Their incantations do nothing and they don’t help you anyhow.

Getting money is another regular element of The Witch and The Warrior gameplay. However, non-conformity takes place here, too. With the ability to earn big sums, there is a rather poor choice of things to buy. Preferably, there should be more armor, weapons and some magical stuff. When there are already none of them left, your characters keep on gaining money and experience. The question is: what for? Some battle scenes end with finding sacks of gold and trunks of potions. But still, you never use them at a later stage.

The graphics and sounding can be given a low rating. The music should be more lively, not so monotonous, and the landscapes are rather primitive with dim colors which only spoil the mood. Arcade & Action Adventure games imply making the gamer be excited and enthusiastic, don’t they? The Witch and The Warrior is a game to play once, to put aside and to never go back to.

17, June 2011



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