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Throne of Olympus game

Throne of Olympus

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

After Zeus, the king of the gods, has decided it is time to give up his throne on heritage, the real fight among the young gods begins! After having considered all the nominations, Zeus stopped the choice on his daughter named Athena. Now it's your turn to defeat the powerful Olympian gods and mythical creatures and let Athena get the throne! Download for free right now a new challenging, but exciting and colorful Match-3 game Throne of Olympus and help Athena to prove that she really deserves the title of the future Zeus successor!




If Throne of Olympus had come out in early 90s, we would have been said, “WOW!” But in 2011 it looks too plain and provincial. Whether Kutawaves Games, the parents of this Match-3 installment, have lost in time or their fantasy, we don’t really care. We want just to have interesting and challenging game experience. .. Read more

According to the plot, you are to fight the powerful Olympian gods and different mythical creatures in order to get the throne. Of course it’s hard to offer more intricate plot than this one, when we are talking about Match-3 genre. So, the main argument must be challenging gameplay. Alas, this gameplay turns out to be dull and very repetitive. You have to do the same things over and over again, as if you are a robot. Beating the wind seems much more interesting than playing this title. 

To crown at all, we cannot help but note that Throne of Olympus copies most features of Puzzle Quest 2. For example, the names of the spells are identical to the game above mentioned.

Graphically, this installment looks rather square and gives us no pleasure.  The music background must be turned down immediately as it sounds like a concert of broken violins, which can produce only scratching and sawing tunes.

All in all, you’d better find something better and do not waste your precious time on this miserable premise.