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Safari Quest game

Safari Quest

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Being the best in her biology class Jane successfully graduates and goes to Africa to study the very rare white lion! Join her in this unusual and exciting adventure and catch this exclusive animal in new addicting Match 3 game under the title Safari Quest! Meet Jane's friends Chippy the ape, Leo the lion, Heppo the hippo and Blacky the zebra and explore jungle together. Use special bonuses, get points, enjoy gameplay and colorful graphic! Spend your time with Safari Quest, download this game totally for free and track down the lion! Best of luck!




Safari Quest, the new Match 3 game by Rokapublish, invites players to make a fascinating five-hour journey to the African savannah! Exotic animals, burning sand, camouflage suits and other unchanging attributes of safari are already included in the bill! .. Read more

Despite the pretty eloquent title, Safari Quest is not actually a quest, and the objective of the game is not to kill the representatives of the African fauna, but to study them in their natural environment. The main character, a charming female zoologist named Jane, sets off on a journey to the Dark Continent in the company of her faithful friends, Leo the lion, Heppo the hippo, Blacky the zebra and Chippy the ape. It would seem that the game with such a childish plot is definitely designed for children, but it is not so!

In spite of a rather peculiar outset and quality but a bit cartoonish graphics, the gameplay of Safari Quest proved to be unexpectedly difficult. While the first dozen of levels can be easily overcome by even the youngest players, the second chapter turned out to be really hard to crack. Combining three exciting game modes, between which you can and should switch during each level, Safari Quest will give you a completely new experience, forcing you, simultaneously, to strain your eyes, react fast and think strategically.

Lots of colorful tiles, fascinating game boards of the most intricate shapes, ample of useful bonuses, three fundamentally different game modes and all kinds of obstacles, including indestructibility cells and unmovable tiles, will make your virtual journey truly unforgettable! On the other hand, if, while reading a brief description of Safari Quest, you imagined a colorful children’s game with a lot of dialogue and animated scenes, you are cruelly mistaken. The plot in Safari Quest is vague and confusing, events move too slowly, there is almost no dialogue, and the cut scenes are so rare, that soon you will simply forget about the plot, the objective of the game and your primary goal.

Sounds unappealing? Don’t be so strict! If you want our opinion, the game turned out to be quite decent and really fun to play. If the technical aspect of the game is more important to you than the story, be sure to play Safari Quest, as it can boast of an unbelievable addictive gameplay and quality 3D graphics. Believe us, with its gorgeous, sophisticated puzzles this game will easily grab your attention for several hours, no matter whether you like the story or hate it. Have fun and good luck!