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Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens game

Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Heavy rain turns the greatest European city Athens in shambles. The cradle of west civilization is on the brink of extinction. Who can secure Hellas? In Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens, you must set off to ancient Greece and rebuild it from the ashes. Enjoy its compelling Match-3 gameplay and challenging city building mini-game. Do not forget to collect gold, take care of broken people, and reveal legendary lockets that will help you summon the 12 gods of Olympus and save Athens from an evil god. Download Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens absolutely for free to continue this epic Match-3 adventure!



Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens presented by Alawar Entertainment is a long awaited Match-3 game! It will catch your attention once you started playing. The main storyline tells about beautiful city of Athens destroyed by raining fire, sent by evil forces and all you have to do is rebuild it... Read more

If you are new to this series, you would be glad you tried this. The match 3 part is different from most played in that the wild cards, coins or bombs will allow the player to match one of the items with two or more of the wild cards. Kind of cheaty, you will like it! The graphics are even more gorgeous than in previous parts and the music and background sounds are really nice. This game is very relaxing and not at all difficult especially if you play with no timer.

What is really nice in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens is the townspeople. The player can click on any of them and get a really funny response. Some are praising the beauty of the city while others will provide little clues as to what building or structure the player will be asked to purchase once he or she has earned enough gold. Sometimes a ruin will collapse under your cursor. One character, a fisherman, will fall into the water if you click on him twice.

As for the actual controls while matching, we found that if you tried to move to quickly in a curving chain, the controls balked. There is a visible arrow that shows you what direction the game thinks you’re going in, so you can correct it. Not a huge problem. The player isn’t penalized when there are no matches, and there are many awards to obtain. They’re simple, such as asking the gods for help three times, or bursting a number of tiles, collecting a number of gold coins, and so on.

All in all Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens is worth trying and you wouldn’t regret it. The great way to spend your free week-end.