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Tiny Token Empires

Go to a fascinating and unforgettable journey through one of the territories of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Persia or Carthage in a new exciting Match-3 game under the title Tiny Token Empires! The farther you move into this adventure, the more strength and power you will get. Cartoonish graphics, cute mythical monsters, clowns and other creatures will only add more humor to this already hilarious game! Do not waste your time and download absolutely for free Tiny Token Empires right now!

Title - Tiny Token Empires Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a look at Tiny Token Empires, a Strategy & Simulation game developed by Bip Media. Fantastic Adventure and interesting puzzles are waiting for you!
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There is no need to make a mystery of the fact that Match-3 genre is hard to be improved or revolutionized. Still, Tiny Token Empires, a new game from BiP media, manages to make some new wheel turn... Read more

To distinguish Tiny Token Empires from the crowd of the same games, the developers had to mash up several gameplays: puzzle, match-3 and strategy. Having put them in a blender, they got a pretty good game. It is nice to point out that this match-3 game save you from simple looking for identical tiles. This time around, every your match requires a surprising amount of strategy and thought.

At first glance, the gameplay sounds simple but after few levels a good deal of challenge goes into every step.  Tiny Token Empires is a very flexible game so you can choose not only the setting of battle but a campaign as well. This title can last an hour of even hours. You can always save and come back then, so there’s no need to worry about not having the chance finish a game in a single sitting.

Like the gameplay, the artwork here is gorgeous. Its vivid and cheerful colors will perk up your mood this grey single winter morning or evening. The in-game map is presented quite realistic way. The game meet us many heroes that have their on characters. This music never disappoint as it always fits to the scene. 

This title is really fun, unique and challenging. While some die-hard match-3 fans consider this as a betrayal of the main features of the genre, some players will find there a lot of entertainment points.

1, December 2011


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