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Urban Legends: The Maze game

Urban Legends: The Maze

Genre: Hidden Object

It is an open secret that television rots your brain, but what a surprise to know that it can even to kill you. Urban Legends: The Maze is an all-new Hidden Object adventure game that puts you in the middle of mysterious case... of murder! The high rating reality show comes to a sudden end during the final when one of the contestants appears to die, and most of the participants go missing. The despondent families of the lost competitors have asked you disclose the secret of this bizarre disappearance. Exploring its odd locations and traps that make up Urban Legends: The Maze proves this is one of the most interesting investigation. Download this game absolutely for free and you won't regret spending several hours to play there.

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Urban Legends: The Maze. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




For several years we have heard people talking about reality-shows and that they spoil and destroy our brain, but no one ever expected that reality-shows are capable to kill you in the direct sense of th is word! Urban Legends: The Maze is an amazing new and exciting game in the popular Hidden Object genre from the developers Big Fish Games! The storyline revolves around the final of the popular reality show, “The Maze” when one of the participants dies right on the screen, and the rest of the participants just simply disappear after that! So, are you already intriguing? Seems like nothing of this kind of game in has not happened in the world of gaming yet... Read more

You’ll have to solve puzzles and hidden-object scenes to earn items you’ll need to proceed, keeping an eye out for danger all the while. You won’t be entirely without help, however. Clicking once on an interactive area will give you a generic description, but a second click will usually net you a more direct clue about what you need to proceed, and hitting the hint button in regular gameplay will flat-out tell you what your next step should be. If you prefer to figure things out for yourself, try the map attached to your diary; it’s colour-coded to indicate areas you can accomplish something in.

It is a fantastic game that captured the gamer’s attention throughout. The art work is very well done, but in general the graphics is not the best. Hidden object scenes cleverly accomplished. The premise of the story executed well. While the designers generously provided a map I did not use.  The puzzles were interesting and I felt they nailed the level of difficulty. This game is so well done that a walkthrough is not necessary.

With all of that some people like it and some don’t. But all together we find Urban Legends: The Maze entertaining on a rainy day or wh en there is nothing else to do.

Nothing stops you from start playing the Urban Legends: The Maze right now and we guarantee that you are goning to be involved in this game for 6 hours and maybe more! You will plunge into the thrilling atmosphere of this storyline and by the end of this adventure all the dark mysteries and secrets will be discovered and solved!