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Vampires vs. Zombies

Genre: Time Management

If you always wondered who are actually more dangerous: Vampires or Zombies, the new edition Vampires vs Zombies from Alawar Entertainment developers will help you find the answer to this question! The story begins with the African dictator who raised an army of Zombies and sent them to conquer the world, and then all Vampires reminded of themselves! Become a part of the fight between these creatures, save the world from impending destruction!

Title - Vampires vs. Zombies Game Download for PC Description - Have fun with Vampires vs. Zombies, a Time Management game published by Alawar Entertainment. Get to know who are more dangerous: Vampires or Zombies!
Vampires vs. Zombies game




Be ready to try another crazy gaming fantasy from Alawar Entertainment - Vampires vs. Zombies! If you see there some affinity to Popcap’s famous Plants vs. Zombies, you are mistaken. The new installment is not a sequel to the above mentioned title but an absolute unique output for the developers themselves... Read more

You step into a hilarious storyline that dwells upon an evil African dictator, who takes over the world with his sinister army of Zombies. They can be defeated only by more odious creatures, than they are. And it’s your team, the team of Vampires!

While Vampires vs. Zombies is a very different take on the farm based gameplay, this title is still rather similar to the core Farm Frenzy formula. Using special machines to produce products, which help you fight zombies, is common for most fans of Farm Frenzy. Still, it would be unfair not to mention the uniqueness of power-up and up-grade systems. The goals and challenges on each level are always different and keep the game fresh till the end. And to make the gameplay more entertaining, every now and then a giant sun glow shines on the map you must avoid with a special gadget, otherwise your vampires get burned.

Surely, there are much more visual gags that make you smile. As for the whole environment of Vampires vs. Zombies, honestly, it couldn’t be any better. The artwork is dark with a subtle colorful touch but at the same time very clear and well-made.

One of the few flaws of the game are the time limit for the bonus time. So, it is practically impossible to complete the level in time to gain a bonus, except for the first level. Chasing bonus time might make the playing too hectic. What could you expect from frenzy gameplay?

For this sort of games this is a really minor issue that cannot spoil the overall experience. It is a well-organized, tricky and funny game for all players with a black sense of humor.



Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth

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