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Virtual City

Genre: Time Management

Have you ever dreamed about your own big city? It’s too ambitious for you? You can try hand in this wonderful Time Management game. You can create everything you want to be on city’s surface, even seaport or spaceport. Do you think the real big city needs some green parks or a powerful industrial zone; you prefer gain money with production or services, the hard work or the rest? It’s up to you to decide – you are the owner of Virtual city!

Title - Virtual City Game Download for PC Description - Try Virtual City, a Time Management game generated by G5 Entertainment AB. Become the owner of Virtual city!
Virtual City game
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G5 Entertainment’s new game under the title Virtual City manifests itself as the game of the time management genre.  Now the players have a chance to build and develop the city of their dreams, whether suburban ideal or noisy megapolis. .. Read more

You start your deal with choosing from dozens of residential homes and industrial buildings, and the possibilities. As the cities grow, you are able to produce and transport goods, create mass-transit systems, and provide your perfect cities with all modern parks, cinemas, stadiums and events. To keep the city safe and its citizens happy and healthy, you must take care of all basic services like health care, public safety, waste collection and recycling.

Although Virtual City relates to the time management games, it is far cry from its brothers. Unlike other similar titles this one demands some manager skills from the players. So you needn’t make only mechanical work anymore, but use your fantasy and sense. On this time you are to keep strict balance of such categories as Income, Environment, Population and Happiness. In spite of the game’s seriousness, the developers endow this robust city-building simulation with intuitive, easy to understand controls. That is why the first-time players will have no problem learning how to play; while more experienced gamers will find enough depth and variation to keep them enthralled for hours.

The most striking of Virtual City is that its idea is closely connected with the real life and gives us a caricature on our world. The cities must be guided through economic downturns, population crisis and the consequences of natural disasters. It is not a simple building business but a real life with all its ups and downs. Organizing urbanism, you are responsible for upgrading facilities, building homes and commercial buildings as well.

      This truly strategy game pleases mainly the lovers of logical and teasing tasks. If you are keen on fast-paced issues, Virtual City will be too boring for you. But it is highly recommended if you like games like Build-A-Lot but you want a different theme. Try it!

23, December 2009



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