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Haunted Domains game

Haunted Domains

Genre: Time Management

Fans of time management rejoice! Alawar Entertainment decided to delight us with its absolute new fast-paced and exciting game under the title Haunted Domains. This fresh Halloween title has you playing as a young manager of a strange old hotel which is crowded with a very weird customers such as goblins, witches, ghost and others. You must take care of all your visitors and make them happy. Mind, they are very demanding creatures who like tasty dinner and clean rooms too. Have fun!

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This game is also available for : iPad & iPhone




What a pleasant surprise to see a new Time Management game offered! Alawar Entertainment has released Haunted Domains. Fans of this genre should be happy because this game is really super cute, easy to understand. .. Read more

You’ll like the storyline. Just imagine that you are playing the role of cute girl named Sheila who owns the mystical spooky Hotel full of Vampires, ghosts and other evil spirits. Her main task is to earn money, which can be done by serving guests, chaining similar actions, and color-matching guests and rooms. The demands of your guests are quite varied: sometimes they might order meals, wine, perfume, or books, while Sheila also has to deliver luggage and cash out guests, too. So, all you need to do is serve your guests and give them everything they want. You can also upgrade the garden area as you go by earning stars so it would be nice to see how it ends up. Try to please everyone and everybody will be happy.

Haunted Domains offers 50 levels in two grades of difficulty. But it’s worth noting that even the more challenging level of difficulty will not exactly overwhelm veterans of this genre.

The graphics and animation are great, sharpen and colorful. The music is just perfect for the levels and even the loudest sound effects never manage to be intrusive. The levels are challenging, but if you are looking for a brain teaser then this is not it but certainly worthwhile. Haunted Domains is just for fun!

In the end, Haunted Domains is without a doubt entertaining and will really satisfy fans of time management titles, but just don’t expect it to reinvent the wheel. The gameplay is smooth, standard expectations are met, and two modes provide a decent playtime, assumed that you are not already bored by the end of the story mode. Still, avid fans of this genre who are in the mood for a spooky but funny game will be surely pleased!