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Weather Lord

Welcome to new unique and exciting Time Management game Weather Lord from Alawar Northpoint! This is a complete fun game with all its bonuses, entertaining challenges and different tasks! Use your best management skills, harvest the products people need, remove boulders, send rain to quench fires and store up the resources your workers will have to get to repair the earthquake damages. Enjoy farming on the open Sun and make your ranch the best ever in Weather Lord!

Title - Weather Lord Game Download for PC Description - Learn about Weather Lord, a Time Management game published by Alawar Entertainment. Will you become succesful in new farming game? Find it out!
Weather Lord game




We have already tried tons of farm games with all their planting and watering crops business. Weather Lord is an all-new Time Management game that also devotes to the farm theme but offers us an extraordinary ways of growing and harvesting... Read more

In Weather Lord you will get the role of the weather master, who has the ability to control unpredictable combinations and treacherous weather conditions. How do you like it? You’ll surely like it too as this game is far more different than its modern sibling titles. This is not just an ordinary “plant, water, crop” kind of game. Instead of usual seeds, implements and herbicides you have clouds, suns and whirlwinds, which you can combine and make other things from them.

Being able to combine and separate items means many weather combinations can be achieved with just a few elements, reusing them as needed. It sounds rather simple, doesn’t it? In fact it makes you remember about dozens combinations of suns and clouds, which help you stay in control of your world. For example, the use of your sun or a thundercloud will let reveal a problem on the this or that farm. Mix two fluffy clouds together to make a raincloud, but take one fluffy cloud and mix with the sun to get sunny intervals.

Thus, if you want to become a real weather chef in Weather Lord, you need to put your thinking cap on. Some player might suffer from brain fatigue through trying to keep in their mind what to do next and when. Fortunately, the gameplay is equipped with the detailed instructions and special weather recipes.     

Moreover, this installment has lovely and mellow graphics which make the play more pleasing and attractive. Its smooth and zappy gameplay will delight slow clickers as well as strategists. Happy gaming!

27, April 2012



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