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Don’t let these tiny sweet pets starve because of Hurgen, the nasty wizard. Funny, little pets are playing and make fun all day long in the woodland. They make a lot of noise. That’s why Hurgen and Alfred the spider are going to cover all the food in the forest with Alfred’s web, making our poor little creatures starve. Spoil the wizard’s plans by unwinding all the nuts and fruits in the forest and feeding our cute tiny pets. The game is provided with beautiful high definition graphics and charming background story.

Title - Webbies Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get Webbies, a Puzzle game made by Nano Titans. Feed tiny cute pets by spoiling the plans of nasty wizard and spider who covered all the food in the forest with web.
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There are a lot of ways to relax after a long and stressful day. Some people are fond of some extreme sports, i.e. snowboarding, mountain bike, parachute jumping (rooftop jumping as a variant), stage diving (if you are a rock music devotee), etc. The tastes are differ, of course. Anyway, today we are going to pay our attention to another stress killer named video games. It is a very popular way to spend time and relax as well. Specifically, we would like to describe the so-called puzzle games that involve a realistic physics. Webbies is a perfect example for us. This game is developed by two enthusiastic guys called themselves Nano Titans. They are the casual games developers who are fond of 1980s. Their official website tells us that Titans have neither budget, nor office. So, let us see what does their work look like... Read more

The plot is not oversaturated by details. As a matter of fact, it is not a big deal at all. We are big believers, the stories of that kind must not be detailed. Players need to be introduced in the story, given some basic information and main goal. That is it. Webbies perfectly suits these criteria. Once upon a time there was a bunch of cute animals who actually enjoyed their blithe lives. They used to do nothing but having a fun and making a joyful noise in the forest. Unfortunately, an old sorcerer, Hurgen, was unhappy to hear the noisy neighbours. He had been thinking over some evil plan to make them mute. One day, he figured out the recipe of a special potion that would increase the durability of a web that produced by Hurgen’s sidekick named Alfred the spider. They were going to take away all the food from baby animals to make them starve. No sooner said than done. After a while, animals have found the provisions captured in a strong cobweb. Now, you are the only hope. The playground includes the captured pieces of food and baby animals. Their quantity increases from level to level. After a while, you will face the obstacles of all kinds. The best thing you can do to avoid them is using the ricochet technique. The gameplay is based on a slingshot system. It is easy to operate. You should select the wanted product, pull it back and, finally, launch it towards the hungry animal. Remember, each breed requires the appropriate piece of food! The food icon above each character will help you do not make a mistake. The stage requires to feed up all the animals. They must be fed accurately. Once you have missed the goal, you will restart the whole stage. You can reverse one move, however, no need to rely on it! We doubt whether the spoiled mission could be reanimated that way. Use your creativity and strategy thinking to earn a great score. For example, matching the same pieces of food and launching it as one huge supply item give you a chance for good reward. Using this trick, you can fill the animal’s belly by a single shot! In addition to common star earning system, you are able to score even the bigger points than necessary to pass to the next stage. During the campaign you are able to unlock some extra levels. There is nothing new, but providing an aiming assistance on these levels.

The graphics is perfectly suitable for this game. It is funny styled and inspired by cartoons. Anyway, it has a pretty good look. The color scheme is bright and the design of characters is great. Sound effects and a background music occupy the right places. It is relaxing and placatory.

In conclusion, we would like to cite Bart & Przemek from Nano Titans: “We hope that the pleasure you will take in the game will be directly proportional to the passion and work we’ve put in its creation”. We think the game has justified your hopes! Good job, guys!

15, March 2013


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