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Whispers game


Genre: Hidden Object

Join Charlotte Davis in her incredible and dangerous journey in new fantastic Hidden Object game under the mysterious title Whispers. Her soul is walking around the sorcerer’s home, help Charlotte escape that place as soon as possible. Use the help of other lost souls and return home. Enjoy challenging puzzles, gorgeous scenes and reveal all secrets. Download Whispers right now and absolutely for free, dive into this adventure, return soul to the body and make it rest on peace.




There are still some developers who believe in success of dark and absolutely plain game titles like today’s new Hidden Object issue - Whispers from Big Fish Games .. Read more

This dwells upon ordinary captured soul by an evil sorcerer. Escaping from the the sorcerer’s home and traveling through a number of dangerous scenes are the main tasks in this title. There is no use in telling you about its flatness and insipidity. However, the disjointed story is even made worse by the horrible job done in the narration way. Whispers is packed with a huge bunch of poor and unimaginative dialogues that can not be skipped in full.     

The game can boast of the worst Hidden Object scenes we ever tried. They are really badly lit, and the objects are not always described well, for example, we spent ages looking for a frog, then used hint and found out the it was a butterfly! Most of the hidden objects are hard to spot due to poor graphics rather than well hidden.

Besides being too vague, the graphics are awful, some objects are too small in the hidden object puzzles, explanations appear all the time, and the worst is the annoying spirit that appears all the time and talks blah… blah… blah!

This lack of attention to the details cannot be tolerated at all and shows the developers’ indifference to their fans. 10 minutes are enough to try, and then to delete this game!