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Wisegal game


Genre: Hidden Object

The game familiarizes us with Patty Montanari. Poor woman becomes mixed-up with the mafia after the death of her husband to support her sons. But she decides to turn over a new leaf and go to Florida. After a time her son receives a mysterious letter from his childhood friend, Angela Pastone. Nino goes to New York, and get to the dangerous crime family his mother left behind long ago. Help Patty to protect her son from this evil society!




  Wisegal enlarges the library of hidden object games. Elephant Games, the developers, based its plot on the movie of the same name. It runs upon the life of Patty Montanari, a struggling single mom who becomes involved in organized crime... Read more

In this connection you should help poor woman to find her missing son and clues that will help the FBI stop the turf war. So you are involved in searching for the specific things which are spread all over the place. Since the graphics are clear, the objects are easy to spot, and in some cases barely recognizable because they are so tiny. Anyway there are unlimited hints, which should tell you something about the graphics and object size. The hint button recharges rather fast. Besides the game has no time mode so you needn’t hurry.

As for the drawback is that the dialogue windows are on opposite sides of the screen, top and bottom, but ‘next’ needs to be clicked in each window to advance the story which makes for some unnecessary mouse navigating that some players may find mildly annoying. The game is a medium in length and may take several hours to complete it.

We would recommend this game for the beginner hidden object player. Experienced players may find it a little on the easy side, and out of any challenging tasks.