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Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies game

Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies

Genre: Hidden Object

The degree of terror in famous Women's Murder Club series increases furiously with every new chapter. Soon even the die-hard fans of this spooky hidden object series won't be able to play in a switched off room. But hardly ever one could stop playing this thrilling title. This time you deal with another cruel crime that should be investigated in the shortest time. Do not lose the chance to join these clever women in Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies and reveal all clues to the secrets! Analyze all evidences and follow your instincts, if you want to find out this case.




Looking for something groovy? Stop at Women’s Murder Club: Little Black Lies, the latest hidden object game in the Women’s Murder Club series by I-play. Are you not familiar with this spooky series? Let us summarize them all – they perfect if you are fond of intriguing detective stories. You are to play different roles when solving each crime. Get ready to the shocking scenes and challenging tasks, like examining the place of crime, including even the corpses... Read more

Each of the Women’s Murder Club chapters has a little something different to make this detective series truly interesting to play. Every new installment is remarkable for its spine-chilling atmosphere that can make you jump out of your skin. Do you think we have overestimated game’s value?  Look at yourself ! The scene of a pretty beaten up woman is not for the faint-hearted. Frankly, this is an incredibly good title that have it all perfect – from the artwork to the music background and even the all riddles are addictive and new.

I know, we rare praise any game so much, but this is a unique case. This time, I-play really did their best presenting us a truly well-deserved installment. The harmony and high quality in Women’s Murder Club: Little Black Lies are seen in every elements of the game. The hidden object puzzles are intuitive and always logical. The mini-games throughout this title are all relevant to the plot, however, original, striking us with their challenging portion.

Of course, Women’s Murder Club: Little Black Lies is rather for a mature player who has been tried more than one hidden object game. The newbie can be easily discouraged by this sinister premise. Still, if you believe that you are bold enough to get this experience, you are welcome!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 18 MB